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At Melanze we help businesses with their online presence. If you want your new business to excel, a great website is a must!

We build your website, big or small, while you keep doing what you do best, running your business.

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Why choose Melanze?

Customer comes first. No more then 3 projects at the same time, giving each project the attention it needs.

Quick responses to questions and remarks. This way we will be able to finish your website fast while you get the website you envisioned.

Single point of contact. Speak directly with who is in charge of building your website. No middle man. No white noise. No confusion.

Multilingual. Communication can be in English, but Dutch and Spanish are options too.

No technical talk, only simple words. This way we can ensure you know what you get and get what you want!

Our services

Need a custom website?

Melanze will help you realize the website you have always dreamed of, using WordPress. A WordPress website is easy for you to maintain and update yourself if needed.

Need help maintaining your website?

At Melanze we help you maintain your website. We can add pages, change the lay-out, add functions or any other change you have in mind for your WordPress website.

Websites designed by Melanze:


Contact us if you have any questions or a project you need help with. You can contact us in English, but also Dutch or Spanish if you prefer. Use the contact form below or send an email to info@melanze.eu directly and we will get back to you as soon as we can!